6 Best selling Home Automation products in India

Today you can make gadgets work for you in auto mode to save time, thanks to the development in Home Automation in India. You can have a smart universal remote to control every appliance at your home or can have a smart speaker to do the same on your voice command. We guess you already know about them, but if you are reading this, you are definitely looking for some best suggestions. If so, here are some Best-selling home automation products in India that everyone is buying these days.


Echo Dot 3

Echoe Dot Best portable Bluetooth speakers

Echo Dot 3 is smart voice-controlled using Alexa such that it can play songs, call, message, read the news, weather or order food. With its easy accessibility, you can also control other smart home devices -ACs, TVs, etc. To use it as a Bluetooth speaker you can pair your phone with it to listen to music. You can operate Alexa in English or Hindi. It catches your voice even from the next room be it for paying bills or playing a personal playlist. This is one of the Best-selling home automation products in India.



Pros Cons
Alexa compatible Plugin, not wireless
Bluetooth speaker alternatively Amazon Prime subscription mandatory
Strong privacy protection  

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Oakremote wifi Universal Remote

Oakremote WIFI

Oakremote Smart Universal Remote can access multiple devices such as AC, TV, Speakers and TV. It works with Google Assistant and is Alexa compatible. Thus with Oakter app, you can voice command your home theatre and room cooler as well. It has easy compatibility with most brands like Samsung, Sony, Philips, etc. It comes preloaded with remote programs of the top set-top box and AC brands. Additionally, it learns and stores buttons from your existing remotes as well.



Pros Cons
Alexa and Google Assistant compatible Accepts command in English only
360 degree IR coverage  
One-Click access to favourite channels  

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Wipro wifi-enabled Smart LED Bulb

Wipro WIFI LED Bulb

Wipro smart LED bulb is compatible with Alexa as well as Google assistant. You can access it with a wireless connection from anywhere in your home using the Wipro Next Smart Home app. You can not only adjust the colour and brightness of the bulb, but also time it to switch on or off. This makes it more convenient to follow your homely routine.

You can group the smart bulbs separately for different rooms and thus apply separate settings to different groups accordingly.



Pros Cons
Tunable White and dimmable brightness Wifi is compulsory
Use the bulb as a timer  
Works with Alexa and Google Assistant  



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Blackt Electrotech Electronic Timer


The Blackt Electrotech smart timer uses embedded systems or software to easily access various home automation products or appliances like lights, routers, aquariums, etc.. You can pre-time these devices according to your routine, to function at specific times. You can repeat the set programs, or you can control it manually; thus, you can set different settings every time. It is wireless, battery-operated, thus you can carry it to any space in your house. As it comes with an energy-saving digital socket timer, you can use it for a long time. Interestingly, you can pre-set 16 On/Off timer programs per day.


Pros Cons
Energy-saving electronic timer Only six months of warranty
16 programmable settings  
Built-in rechargeable battery  

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Amazon Smart Plug


If you have an Alexa device, you can use Amazon Smart Plug to add voice control to this socket to control lamps, kettles, TVs, and more. Turn off the appliances remotely when away from home or create customized schedules to automate your day. In short, you can control any appliances that work with a plug. The setup is quite easy- plugin, open Alexa, and give commands. The plug has a manual On/Off button and also features a LED to display its working status. This is also a good and very useful home automation products to buy.


Pros Cons
Smart remote/voice-controlled plug Not for heavy appliances such as AC, and Geyser,
Frustration-free setup  
Compatible with Fire OS, Android and iOS  

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Blackt Electrotech 360 Degree PIR Motion Sensor


If you want to smartly save more energy at home, this PIR motion sensor is for you. It works on IR technology to automatically On and Off the lights when the person enters and leaves its range. It’s smart to not switch on your lights in the daytime or in a light environment. You can use it to control any lamps, spotlights, and other similar small electrical appliances. Thus, it clearly raises the bar of home automation products in India.


Pros Cons
Enables smart energy saving Works with a short delay of 2-4 sec
Auto light sensitivity adjustment  
Easy to install  

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We hope these product suggestions will help you discover more alternatives in the process. Let’s know if you want us to add items products to this list of Best-selling home automation products in India series. Cheers!



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